Friday, 17 June 2011

Competition Time!

To celebrate reaching 100 likers on the facebook page, as promised, here is my give away competition for all you lovely people!

Speaking of lovely people, after a chat with the people over at I now have subscriptions to give away! Each one lasts a year and is normally £25, but will be completely free for winners!

It will give you an on-line shop as well as allowing you to join virtual and real markets and fairs and a profile with a blogging feature! So what do you have to do to enter I hear you cry?!

Leave a comment on the post telling me which Maus Haus product you like best and why. I will then select 10 people to give subscriptions too. You have untill 1st September, so GET COMMENTING! :D X x


  1. My very favourite things are your bags! They're so cute, useful, and I even got to design my own! Bargain price for beautiful item.

  2. Surely it must be your brooches!
    They are quirky, witty and beautifully unique - perfect for a rainy or a sunny day. They put a smile on you :-)

    We love the way you treat the surface as if it were a small canvas where you project all your ideas, reminding us of the way the surrealists did in their art work.

  3. my favourite item is hard to chose. I ultimately favour your newish gun metal clasp purse. I guess you could say they are a modern twist on a classic and made with lots of care. The fabrics used are to die for and I couldn't aske for a better colour combination. Your prices are always very reasonable too!